December 28th, 2003

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forestcats is away with her folks for a few days. I'm babysitting two of our friends' dogs, along with our cats and horse. The one dog, Xander, is warming up to me; the other, a chihuahua, isn't.

Last night I took the opportunity to watch a couple of films that I suspect my spouse would be disinterested in. Both as DVDs, one was Apocalypse Now Redux, which was quite a bit different than the original theatrical version, including a bunch of scenes that didn't show up on the first go around, and a completely different ending than the one I saw. I'm fairly certain that there were several endings filmed, and I recall discussing with folks the film and we each had seen a different ending, but I don't really know how many were released. The other film I watched as a DVD I didn't buy, but got as a handmedown from my former boss who somehow had managed to get two copies of the remade Planet of the Apes. Interesting, having seen the original when my grandfather took me to see it, Lo, these many years ago, but the only thing really better were the special effects. Otherwise, eh...

I have heard about a History Channel show, called Mail Call, which is supposed to be about the history and present of military technology. I've never seen it, as I'm usually busy with one thing or another when it's on, but an acquaintance mentioned that some of the episodes had been released on DVD; so I picked it up for interest sake. I've since watched two episodes off the DVD, and they were worthy of a bit of time to see them. At the same time, and at the same venue (Best Buy), I picked up Season 2 of The Osbournes, and forestcats and I watched the first three episodes with great amusement. I wonder if they will have a third season?

More, at another time.
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I didn't even notice my anniversary go by; seems like just yesterday that forestcats discovered LJ, and couldn't wait to show me it. Not long after that, we'd joined, and then not much longer, and we were paying for the journals. I suppose the overabundance of comments, versus original posts of my very own means something, I just don't know what. I've noticed, though, that my posting is increased overall in the last month or two; that has to be because I've gotten a new job and am getting more rest and a bit more leisure time. We'll see if I can post something stimulating in the coming months.

Happy belated LJ birthday to me, then.

Happy holidays, everybody!