January 6th, 2004

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Let's see, so much to say...

Finished reading a run of a comic that looked interesting (in the post "Pirates of the Caribbean" era), called El Cazador (#1-3). Seems to be starting OK, but I think it has room for improvement.

Watched a wretched movie called The Rising Place that my spouse picked up because a photo of an actor acquaintance of ours graced the cover of the DVD. It was pretty awful, with a lot of jumping back and forth in time from now to the 1940s and back. Not recommended. Oh, the actor was Billy Campbell, late of the TV series Once and Again.

Also watched Adaptation, which started out whiney and irritating, and then finished stupidly violent. I think it all has to do with the twin screenwriters, but I probably shouldn't say much to avoid spoilers. Borderline recommendation, if the video store has nothing better to rent.

We've seen most of the Osbourne's 2nd season DVD now, and the show isn't quite as amusing as the first season. Perhaps it's watching Kelly screaming and whining that puts me off my feed, or the knowledge that off-camera, Jack is taking enormous amounts of drugs; so much for reality TV.

We've been invited to a party this weekend; hopefully we'll be able to attend. I'd like to; however, the organizer of said party has invited just short of 300 people (and if each invitation generates two arrivals...omighod!) to visit him in a small San Fernando Valley apartment....OY!

Found out that my friend, the author, Patrick Larkin is coming down here in a couple of weeks with his extended family to visit Disneyland. Another opportunity to hang with friends makes me very happy. We'll have to see about logistics, but I think that there's a good chance for a long interaction (Huzzah!)
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