January 7th, 2004

Columbia launch


Managed to finish another book yesterday. This one is the 11th of a series of novels by Dewey Lambdin which chronicle a Napoleonic era British Naval officer named Lewrie. The book is Havoc's Sword, and it was a pretty darn good read, with a fairly adventurous bent. The history seems pretty solid, and the description works well. I'd recommend it.

Watched S.W.A.T. on DVD last night; fun, but predictable. Reasonably good effects, reasonably good characterization (not great). Worth a rent, not worth seeing in the theaters.

We finished watching the second season of The Osbournes, thoroughly convincing me that the kids are brats. I found Ozzie's concerns over Sharon's illness touching, though.

I've picked up the 4th season DVDs for Babylon 5, and I'll be watching them with great glee.

Oh, and as to the joys of watching overhead in the LA area, I saw the Fujifilm blimp flying over Claremont yesterday, for no good reason that I could figure out. Can't understand why they'd buy a blimp, anyway.
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