January 13th, 2004

us two in Chicago

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Lots of DVD watching lately:

Saturday night, we went into Studio City, to the birthday party of Flipper (AKA Chris), an actor/dancer that we know from Dungeonmaster. It was his opportunity to show a work via a projection off the DVD to introduce folks to a piece which parodies special features on DVDs and then has an item called "From Hamlet to 'Omlet" which is a bastardization of the Shakespearian play. It's funny in parts, ridiculous generally, and was amusing, mostly. I have no idea how one finds it, except from the cast and crew. Later, the party turned....odd? I found the crowd not as young as I expected, not as hip as I expected, not as interesting as I expected, and more depressed than I expected. Finally, long after the show ended, several friends showed up, including sewyrn and axelicious and his gf Liz. forestcats and I chatted with them and other members of the crowd, and had a reasonably good time.

We also saw a number of other films on DVD over the weekend, including Trainspotting, which I really didn't much care for; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which wasn't as foul as I had been led to believe; even had a couple of good moments to it; and Point of Origin, an HBO movie, which was pretty darn good, as well as disturbing. Worth a look-see.

Sunday was a mess. We struggled with leaves, raking, blowing (forestcats loves her blower, it looks like she's carrying a Plasma Cannon, and she's a space marine blowing away the local flora) them off the driveway, east yard, and walkway. Couldn't finish everything because we had to have the truck break down. I don't even want to discuss the problems that engendered; let's just say it ruined the next couple of days.

Then, last night, watched a bit more Babylon 5 Season 4 on disc 2; also an episode of Mail Call in which they disproved how effective crossbows were (or else they prove that modern metallurgy is far more advanced, and steel harder than that in the Medieval period).

...and then, in just 5 1/2 more hours, is forestcats birthday....don't tell her I told you.....
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