January 20th, 2004

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I haven't been able to get on to update much recently, and I have 5 books to report:

First of all, I finished A Year in Van Nuys by Sandra Tsing Loh, which details her dealing with aging, and not being a financial success in the Los Angeles lifestyle. Amusing, especially as I went to a high school in Van Nuys.

Next was Myth-Told Tales by Robert Aspirin and Jody Lynn Nye; this book is a continuation of the Skeeve series of novels started by Aspirin with Another Fine Myth; it contains three short stories that lead into the next book of the series. Pretty good, though I really think that Aspirin has mined out this material.

The next two were the latest graphics novels from the comic Transmetropolitan. The first was called Dirge, the next one The Cure. The series of comics deal with a distant future society, and follow the career of a gonzo journalist who has an agenda. It is reasonably clear that we are building to a major climax in the next (and last) of the graphics novels, though it hasn't yet been published. I'd recommend the series, especially to those who like dystopic novels.

Finally, I finished the next Aspirin/Nye collaboration, Myth Alliances, that continues with some of the material put forward by the book I mentioned earlier. Not bad, better than a lot of material out there; not as good as the earlier books.

It's been quite a week. forestcats had her birthday, and much of that has been posted in her journal; I acted to facilitate things. I'm pleased that she had a good time with everything, and I'm especially pleased that I was able to take the time offwork to help her enjoy herself.

I've been catching up on the Babylon 5 Season 4 DVDs; somehow, this one seems muddier in sound and visual quality to me. I wonder if the DVD player needs cleaning, or if it's the Season 4 material?

I enjoyed the stop at the LA County Arboretum; Disneyland (where we are likely to be going again today, as there are friends in from the Bay Area (Patrick is the author that we were pushing his book on people...)); the Road to California Quilt Show; the Napa Rose restaurant; Messob, the Ethiopian restaurant; Dungeonmaster. We were busy!

We watched several DVDs lately: Uptown Girls was surprisingly good, and was misadvertised as a comedy. There was some comedic material, but it was generally quite interesting about growing up. Underworld was boring. Johnny English was so bad that we stopped the DVD and returned it.

I may have missed someone else's birthday while dealing with my wife's extended celebrations; if so, mea culpa, and happy birthday to you!
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