January 31st, 2004

Mr. Princess


I managed to finish a book several days ago, but haven't had time to post: Tales of the Knights Templar edited by K. Kurtz. This is a series of stories both fantasy, and historical fiction dealing with the medieval crusading order of knighthood, and is supplemented by some text of historical explanation. All-in-all, a worthy piece of work.

Work has kept me out of forestcats hair much of the time while she's been working with her parents on the shower in the bathroom. In addition, the burnt out motor in the spa has been removed by the Rivoli team, and now comes finding a replacement to put in its place. I did manage to help a little bit, mostly carrying heavy objects, of course. However, I have to hand it to forestcats for a job well done. I expect to help her with the grout tomorrow.

We went to Liz & axelicious's apartment last night (this morning) for the birthday of girlwonder_01. Happy belated 20th, Leah, by the way. The party was pirate-themed, and was quite amusing. I only wish that I could have hung around longer, as I had to get some sleep before work today.

Being oncall has limited my access to LJ, as I have had to get out into the field to do hospital work. Irritating, but I have managed to comment occasionally, even if my posts have been limited. However, work has mandated that internet use is going to be a firing offense in the future, so I will not take any chances that way. I can always log on at home.
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