February 1st, 2004

baby Mouser

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It is with a sigh of relief that I view the departing in-laws; not because their behavior bothers me all that much, but because it causes forestcats distress. I worry about how she feels when they are around. The project in the bathroom is nearly done, with all the tile up, most of the grout in place, and sealing the grout to be done next. We should have a functional shower in the master bathroom again in just a few days. The whirlwind passes on.

It's off to the hospitals for me, momentarily. I think I'll ask forestcats if she wants to join me, just to get her out of the house again.

I'm reading (when at home) the 5th book of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, called The Fires of Heaven...I continue to feel like slapping around all the main characters about the massive misinterpretation they do of each other....

When I'm out of the house, I'm reading On Crusade, the 2nd collection of stories by Kurtz about the Knights Templar. This series continues to be an amusing read.

I've finished watching the 4th season DVDs of Babylon 5; all I have left is to watch some of the special features including the commentary about the final episode. Once again, it seems like the season was rushed; I know that it was because JMS was afraid that they'd be cancelled and he wanted the fans to get their payoff...
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