February 5th, 2004

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Just haven't had any time to post, since I can't log on at work anymore during my lunch break...

I'm not sure if I missed anybody's birthday; if I did, I apologize, and I'll try to be better about it.

Last several days, forestcats and I have been searching for one of our cats, Natalia, a red/cream moderately long-haired spayed girl of Norwegian Forest Cat persuasion, who apparently escaped the house while my in-laws and my spouse were working on the upstairs bathroom. She was noticed by our next-door neighbors several days ago, when she was fed along with the local strays at breakfast; she hasn't been seen since. We've had occasional escapes before, with cats returning up to two weeks later, but I'm admittedly down in the dumps over her absence, as she is one of my favorites. The search continues.

A couple of nights back, forestcats and I went to see Lost in Translation at a local cheap (and poor quality) theater. A very good film, and interesting. I found the way it portrayed the difficulties in human communication very poignant. Worth a look-see.

I noticed that, for a change, we've seen 4 of the films that are up for the Oscar this upcoming year. How odd! Usually, most of the films on the list, I not only haven't seen, but have no intention TO see.

The bathroom is nearly finished; the door has to be re-hung. Everything else seems in readiness; hallelujah!

Right now, forestcats is returning from a production meeting for Dungeonmaster at axelicious and Liz's apartment in Sherman Oaks. This week's show will have the creator back again; he's returned from the production in Chicago of the play he's been in for about 6 months. He apparently has been pleased with the trend as far as attendees has been concerned, and has plans for the upcoming months. I plan on putting in a character for this Friday, the first time I've done that in many months. I've also heard that there'll be a Guardian of the Flame adventure in early March, though I doubt I'll be a participant. If anyone is interested in what a GotF is, feel free to ask. For those of you in the LA area, do come to the show: www.the-dungeonmaster.com
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