February 8th, 2004

Londo Purple

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Whoa, what a weekend already!

Friday night was Dungeonmaster; we carpooled with Steve. mr_curmudgeon was visiting Vegas from Chicago and actually drove in to North Hollywood for the show. It was excellent, with the play's creator returning from a long run of a play in Chicago. Great time, lots of action, and a real fight scene between Bruce (the creator) and axelicious.

Home in the wee hours of Saturday, and then I went to work.

Saturday night we first went to vampireanneke's housewarming. We watched the tail end of Shrek there, chatting with others; followed by The Crow: Salvation, which had enormous plot holes in it, not that I mentioned them in passing. After that, it was off to Greg's place (another Dungeonmaster actor) for his party, where we ran into axelicious, ladyarcana55, macapunohead, timmy_ritz, and rqlii, along with a number of those yet to be introduced; we had a spot of fun there, with great conversation, but axelicious tried to rivet all attention on himself by staging a storming out of the party...whether he realizes it or not, the histrionics fell flat. We finished the evening (morning?) by watching The Gamers on DVD, which was a cute send-up of a D&D game. Back home by 4AM Sunday.
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