February 12th, 2004

Mr. Princess

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The days go by...

I've watched three episodes in a row on DVD of Monty Python's Flying Circus that I've never seen before. It included the cheese shop scene, which I (up to now) only heard on vinyl or tape. I think they were episodes 33-35.

I continue to slog my way through Robert Jordan's book The Fires of Heaven; it's like marching through mud. I still find details that keep me reading, but, my God, can't he find some way to move faster.

When not at home, I get a chance occasionally (lunchbreaks and pottybreaks and what-not) to read the third Kurtz collection of stories about the Knights Templar. So far, this one is a bit less interesting than the first two collections, but I've only finished the first story in there; it most likely will improve.

I've managed to read the last issues of the Transmetropolitan comic, and enjoyed it. I like the fact that the main characters aren't really dead, and may yet return to haunt us in a future series. I'd especially like to follow the career of the "feelthy assistants".

Picked up four comics and read them in short order: The Path #22 moves things forward some more in the series; El Cazador does the pirate thing pretty well, with some really nice art; then I tried Tales of the Realm #1, thinking it might be from the same folks who did The Realm, and Legendlore in the past (and I'm still looking for Legendlore #7)... It deals with a group of actors who do a fantasy TV series in an alternate universe who decide for various reasons to go adventuring, sort of. I'll be looking for #2. Finally, one of the characters from Sandman is having another Vertigo short series, called Thessaly; I got #1, read it, and am looking forward to the next one.

We have a toilet to repair today; must be off.
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