February 15th, 2004

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Got to remember there's a birthday to greet tomorrow....

Yesterday, Dungeonmaster played at OrcCon, a local gaming convention. I wasn't able to get out of work to be there for the show, but the production has a party there after the show, and I was there for that. My Ghod, the actors destroyed a platter of sushi in seconds! I prowled the dealers room to little effect; somehow, most games seem to have left me behind, I'm afraid. I can remember a time not too long ago when I would drop $300 easily, every con; not any more.

I'm not sure when I last posted; forestcats and I have been cooking together much more often. To me, that's more fun than any Valentine's Day that could possibly be. I've learned how to make candied walnuts; I'm already plotting how to make them better! We're popping open various from among our collection of cookbooks and trying interesting things out, I hope we do it some more soon...

More Dungeonmaster this afternoon, followed by a jaunt up to Venice Beach with some young folks who haven't had the pleasure before. I'm thinking about dragging a drum to that for the drum circle on the beach; we'll see.
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After looking back at the last few of my posts, I noticed that I haven't posted about Thursday night's cooking extravaganza that forestcats and I engaged in. First of all, I want to make it very clear that forestcats is a superior cook, and when she sets her mind to it, she makes meals of exquisite quality. My waistline is proof enough of that. However, I've found myself fascinated in the process of cooking, and the reasons behind the various steps in the production of a dish. I've been learning about such things in watching The Food Network shows, especially Good Eats, and I've been wanting to put some of these activities to the test by actually cooking myself. forestcats loves cooking with me, as a household project sort of a thing, and we really had fun with it on Thursday night.

First, we dug up a cookbook or two. Interestingly, most of our cookbooks seem to cover only main dishes; we've had a bit of trouble finding lists of side-dishes. We finally decided to use The Frugal Gourmet's book on Three Ancient Cuisines; we made Shredded Chicken with Sesame and Ginger sauce; Leek Cakes; Stuffed Mushrooms with feta cheese; and I made all by myself Candied/Spiced Walnuts!

We searched the kitchen figuring out what we already had in the house that would be useful for the upcoming production; certain items were used in the absence of exactly the right ingredient. Then we headed off to a couple of grocery stores to load up on those items missing from the kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one type of cheese required by the stuffed mushroom recipe, but we forged on without it.

Cooking worked out surprisingly well, considering the limited movement space in our kitchen.

The food was generally delicious; I was stunned at how well the walnuts turned out; raw walnuts, I really don't like at all. I've decided to try the walnut recipe again, soon, but I'll add more honey, more star anise, and more cinnamon. Just to give them more kick.

I'm really pleased at how well this activity has been going. I'm looking forward to doing this again!
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