February 22nd, 2004

Mouser tree

11, 12

Finished a couple of books in the last few days, starting with another of the Knights Templar series of short stories edited by Katherine Kurtz: Crusade of Fire:Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar.

So, I enjoyed the first book of this series. I enjoyed most of the stories of the second book of the series. In this one, I enjoyed a couple of the stories, basically because they were recurring stories with the same characters through all three books. I'm beginning to feel like giving the series a rest.

The second book discussed at this time is a translated manga: Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 1: The Assassin's Road. I read the comic series when it was translated to English about 8-10 years ago, but it turns out that they didn't copy most of the tales into American comics, and the series folded long before the Japanese source material had been used up. Quite a while ago, the Japanese material was published in a small format similar to that of Japan, and published here in English. I enjoy this series very much, and I expect to pick these up, now and again, and read them over. The tale is about a ronin, working as an assassin, bringing his three-year-old son with him.

I'm in the midst of reading a comic, as well; this is issue #1 of Abadazad; sort of an Oz knock-off, more or less. Just started it, but I expect I'll be done with it by the time I get a chance to post next.

Watched the commentary of "Deconstruction of Falling Stars", the ending episode of the 4th season of Babylon 5. I think, just maybe, that there might be a hint in there about what project that JMS might have managed to sell which has made him very busy lately....you'll just have to watch it to get the idea (it's not like he's hiding it there...)

Dungeonmaster was a blast the other night. mr_curmudgeon wrote the episode, and it allowed axelicious to reprise the character Rickshaw, the gnoll, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Also, thefreak took it like a man a couple of times when he got stage-slapped repeatedly, including once or twice by ibhod. It was a good night for LJ; lots of users there.

...and the beat goes on....
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