February 26th, 2004

kitten and Mickey Mouse phone

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Even though I'm pretty sure he's not looking, happy birthday, macapunohead!

I'm sorry that I'm going to have to miss magicdgk's opening of his 48hr. film project tonight. Apparently, it's had such a good response, that they've given it a second showing: Good for you!!

I ended up working an extra day Tuesday, which is good for the pocketbook, but not so good for getting stuff done that I'd planned to do that day. I'm hoping that that will be a rare occurence at my new workplace; what I really want is to have a real full-time arrangement with them.

Stopped at a clothing store in my neighborhood and was able to get a closeout dress shirt for $20. I'm going to need a few more dress shirts, but that'll wait until we get to Chicago; I really like the clothes I get from Carson, Pirie, Scott or from another whose name suddenly escapes me. forestcats? Do you remember?

Oh, yeah, Marshall Fields....

Had to have a fire in our master bedroom fireplace a couple of nights ago, as the 2 year old heating system failed for about the 5th time since we got it. This is very irritating. It's working now, thank goodness....

Be well, folks!
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