March 7th, 2004

kitten and Mickey Mouse phone

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So, the weekend so far:

Dungeonmaster Friday night, lots of people attended, and the cast was somewhat truncated; a number of cast members couldn't make it. I'm sort of surprised that they didn't call on a few of their "hangers-on" to fill things out a bit. It seemed to work fairly well, though. The writer/director was adding some interesting tidbits, though, as one character gained a new magical power (specifically magicdgk's character Clig), and another fellow got a magic item. Cool for them! Because I was oncall, and also had to work in the office on Saturday, we couldn't hang out at Sitten's Diner afterwards, though.

Saturday night was Liz's party celebrating her mumble-mumble-mumble birthday. There was much hoisting of libations, and lots of conversation. Several LJers attended, and I recall hearing at least a couple of discussions about blogging at the party.

Today, I think forestcats may go to Disneyland; however, I have too much to do today being oncall, so I'm not going to join her if she does. I should be asleep, but the beeper won't let me rest; she's down sleeping in the other room while I'm in here with these marvels of modern technology, the computer and the damn beeper....

Happy almost birthday, you know who.....
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