March 10th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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What a day, yesterday!

I'm still tired, though, thank goodness, I got enough sleep.

We open with forestcats and I taking the younger of our two Australian Shepherds to agility training; forestcats has been training Sirius for several months to pretty good effect; at this point in any training program, it's more training for the handler than for the dog. It takes thought beforehand to plan how to get the dog to do the moves required by the course, and figuring out the positions and crossovers that would optimally get the dog through it all. The class went well, considering: see below.

Then, it was back home to try to replace the toilet in the master bathroom, which has been shut off for about a month due to leaking. That would be the free toilet that the city of Montclair, CA, gave us in exchange for the one we previously had to try to decrease the use of water in our area. Unfortunately, they apparently didn't have very good quality control, and forestcats realized we had a leak. So, off to Home Depot a while ago; today was the first day we had time to do the job. The free toilet came out fairly easily; however, the new one didn't go on so well; suffice it to say that my in-laws did something to make the situation more complicated. We needed more parts, so it was off to Home Depot for them.

Home Depot went well; we only bought a couple of items more than what we needed, however, we had an appointment to keep, and so we only dropped off the materials at home, stopped at Farmer Boy, an Inland Empire chain of hamburger joints that serve reasonably good food for a fair price; ate, and moved on.

You see, forestcats had an appointment with the podiatrist on this day. She has been suffering with plantar fasciitis, and her foot was hurting for several days. She could barely keep up with the dog at the class in the morning, so we didn't want to miss this appointment. I'd never gone with her to a doctor's before, and this podiatrist (Dr. Bledsoe, in Upland, CA) was someone I've worked with and trust. We got to his office with minutes to spare, only to find that he'd moved offices a few days before, though his front office staff hadn't bothered to tell forestcats.

A frantic call and a mile drive later, and we were there. They didn't seem particularly upset about their mistake, though I was. We waited a short time, were taken to a room, my friend came in, injected forestcats to her discomfort (of which, I suspect, she will post), and then gave me a tour of his new office space of which he was obviously proud/happy to have. forestcats was improved after the shot, and so home for more.

forestcats immediately got on horseback, while I took a quick moment to get online. I also continued with the laundry, interspersed with the remaining day's activities. We finished getting the toilet in place, and tested it, to our satisfaction.

The remains of the day included a quick visit to LJ, dinner, dishes, more laundry, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and fairly early to bed.

A boring day, eh?
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