March 11th, 2004

Londo Purple


Finished a graphic novel today, from Vertigo Comics, called Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold. It's a grim read, as it deals with plague, but as with most of these offshoots from the Sandman saga, it's thought-provoking. I'd recommend it only for those who have read the Sandman stuff.

In less than an hour, it's going to be magicdgk's birthday, so happy almost birthday, my friend. Now, for those of you who drive in Southern California; run for your lives....

I also read a couple of CrossGen Comics: El Cazador #5, and El Cazador: The Bloody Ballad of Blackjack Tom #1. Both of these are interesting, as they deal with pirate themes, and do so in a fairly realistic fashion. I'm enjoying them so far.

I managed to get a little time to play about a half hour of Diablo II today; just long enough to finish one of two quests I've activated. Such an accomplishment....

I've just heard that an artist/gamer friend of mine will be in town in mid-May, and is likely to be able to see a DM episode. This is excellent news!

Last night, Liz and axelicious visited for reasons I can't go into due to HIPA regulations; suffice it to say that he brought his Playstation II, and we spent about a half an hour fiddling with Baldur's Gate II on it. Better and better, these video games.
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