March 13th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Once more into the breach dear friends:

Oncall again this weekend, but I'm also going to be doing my first shift working Urgent Care at a local hospital. Just learned their computer system yesterday morning. Got to keep my password in mind...can't forget, can't forget...

I finished another Vertigo comic out of the vaults yesterday called Everything you always wanted to know about dreams...but were afraid to ask.... Not as serious as the Sandman series was, but it did deal amusingly with some questions about real dreaming by putting them into an interesting structure; like why do some dreams repeat; why are some dreams black and white. A bit of fun.

forestcats and I went once again to a home Friday night service (Jewish, that is, and it's nice and family-feeling to be doing it in this way) at the home of a cardiologist who I know and use as a consultant for my patients; he is slowly opening up to me, and we seem to be becoming friendly. This is pleasing to me, as I'm not all that easy to get to know when there doesn't seem to be cross interests.