March 15th, 2004

Londo Purple


See, there's this author; his name is P. C. Doherty. He writes mysteries, and he uses several noms de plume, some of which are feminine. His choices are generally historical in background. I've enjoyed them pretty much in each of his guises that I've read. I finished one of his Hugh Corbett series set in England of Edward I; this one was called The Devil's Hunt and it dealt with a series of murders in Oxford. I've enjoyed the entire series of novels up to now, and I'll be writing about a number of his novels yet, as well as a bunch under other names and series soon. Recommended, if you can find them.

Didn't get much sleep last night, as I worked my first shift at the San Antonio Community Hospital's Urgent Care. Sewed up several kids; dealt with a pneumonia and several abdominal pains, and calmed a methamphetamine withdrawal medically. Got out after midnight, then had to be up early so I can go out and stamp out disease and pestilence again.

Missed the Irish Fair, rats. Maybe next year.

Dungeonmaster is tooling up for the Guardian of the Flame episode, which is supposed to highlight the best of the best. Can't wait for it to be Friday!
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