March 18th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat


So, I've finished another book, this one by Bernard Cornwell, whose works I really enjoy most of the time. This one is a small press release called Sharpe's Christmas, which collects two short stories from the Sharpe series of novels, which deal more or less with Christmas. It's a fun read, and the second story was especially interesting in that it deals with Sharpe's life after Waterloo. The whole series is recommended!

I also read a few comics: Abadazad (sp?) #2, which carried forward the Oz-like atmosphere in an interesting way, with some curious hints about one thing or another that will likely be important as the series continues. I also read a couple of older ones: The Sandman presents: Love Street numbers 1 & 2...and if anyone has a line on #3, please let me know! Interesting cross between Sandman and Hellblazer...

Can't wait for the Dungeonmaster Guardian of the Flame show, coming up Friday night; be there or be square!
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