March 22nd, 2004

baby Mouser

22, 23, 24

Managed a bunch of graphic novels recently (over the weekend). Mostly, they were interesting reads, with interesting takes on their subject matters:

The Books of Faerie (a Vertigo release): this is the story of the rise of Titania, and her relationship to Timothy Hunter, the star of the Books of Magic comics. Found it to be a fairly good piece of work, though not nearly as good as Gaiman's material for Sandman.

Supreme Power: Contact (JMS is the writer): Wow. What a take on the Superman/Flash/Batman sort of thing. I'm awestruck by this. I've got to start reading this comic, for certain.

The Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale: not nearly as good as the first book was, it still gives a mildly interesting background to Faerie, without leaving the reader with much reason to care about it.

Read The Path #23, which is the last book of the series; and was obviously written to rush things to an end. Ick. I was enjoying this, but obviously, the publisher wanted to let it go. Nice of him to let them actually finish, more or less.

The weekend started by rushing to Dungeonmaster, which was the Guardian of the Flame adventure, where likely adventurers are supposed to try to defeat a test to give them additional special powers. A large number of LJ folks were there, to the joy of all the attendees and the cast. I want to thank unwilly for chatting with me at the ticket/adventurer card booth; it was very pleasant to see you there. The show was a blast, and I did feel that at least one of the adventurers should have been rewarded with Guardianship, but the DM stated otherwise.

Saturday was spent with working when I should have been off, for which I will not further comment. However, we did spend some hours helping construct a shed on the property of one of the Dungeonmaster cast, though we couldn't finish at the time. Then back to Chino, as I had more admissions to the hospital to deal with.

Sunday we had lots more construction to do, but we finished, and packed the shed with gear that is used at the show only occasionally. It's great for them to now have it all in one place. We worked well with one of the new cast, who really put a great effort into it (thanks, Gabe!). Then, off to the buffet to eat mass quantities. To bed early, thereafter.

I'm presently reading Lucifer, the first collection of the comic, at the suggestion of archangelus. Great stuff, so far. There's a few more collections to go, yet, on this one, and I'm not quite finished with it, but I will be soon.
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