March 27th, 2004

kitten and Mickey Mouse phone


Finished the last graphic novel that I have at present, The Names of Magic, which I read out of order because I haven't the time to go look and see where I left off with The Books of Magic comic book series. This Vertigo series has some interesting thoughts in it, but it isn't even close to being as good as the Sandman material.

Last night we managed to just barely make Friday night services with the breakaway group from the synagogue. A very inclusive group of people, we've been welcomed into the fold very nicely.

Afterwards, forestcats and I watched Under the Tuscan Sun which one of our younger friends found boring. Clearly, the film is aimed at a different age group, because we found the film interesting and meaningful. I also found the movie beautifully filmed, with some wonderful vistas. I guess you have to be over 40 to enjoy it.

Tomorrow is forestcats and my 16th anniversary (not counting the living together that preceded the wedding). To me, it seems like just a few seconds of time. I still find myself having my breath taken away by the memory of my first seeing forestcats in the wedding gown, lit from overhead by a spotlight. I'm a very lucky man.
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