March 28th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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The closing hours of our anniversary.

Last night, forestcats and I went shopping in Pasadena at the Whole Foods Market; first time we'd been to that one specifically. The food choices were outstanding, and we got some really good fresh halibut steaks. We also got loaded down with a variety of other foodstuffs as well, including (can you believe it?) Himalayan Yak Cheese! Today's breakfast, and snacks were primarily various delicious cheeses; lunch was chicken sausages; supper the fish with outstanding side dishes; I have dessert by my side right now; gingerbread with fresh whipped cream....I'm full to bursting.

forestcats bought me a massage for the day, given by a gentleman at a local spa. My right shoulder is now more functional. I gave her a couple of things; last night, I gave her a set of DVDs to My So-Called Life, a TV series that she enjoyed; this morning, I gave her a bag full of scrapbooking materials, because, you see, she said that what she wanted to do today was scrapbook and cook at home. So that's what we did!
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