March 30th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat


Oh, my, my!

Managed at long last to finish Robert Jordan's 5th novel of the Wheel of Time series, called The Fires of Heaven. Once again, an enormous book that just barely manages to keep my interest up enough to finish and move on. Yes, I've already picked up and read the first dozen pages of its follow-on book.

I'm sorry, but during the festivities associated with our anniversary, I forgot to mention the birthday of angrymonotreme for which I must do penance. Happy belated birthday!

Last night, I watched a couple of films: Pump Up the Volume was pretty good, especially for its time, though it's a bit dated now. Then, forestcats and I watched American Splendor which is definitely an odd bit of film and well worth watching. Simply put, it's about the life and work of an underground comic writer, but it really is a "feel-good" kind of work. Give it a look.

For those not in the loop, we'll be out of town for the rest of the week, mostly, visiting Chicago for the wedding of a friend. I expect to eat copious pizza, chat with friends, play with niece and nephew, and do other odd things.
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