April 5th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Back from Chicago.

I haven't time just now to delve deeply into the wonderful time forestcats and I had back in our old stomping grounds, but I know she's going to go into it very deeply, and I will have a thing or two to say.

For one thing, the used bookstores near the University of Chicago are dangerous places for those who want to expand their minds. I love Powell's, and O'Garas, to distraction.

For another thing, both of us gained weight. I got some significant exercise by the cargo we carried home, including books, graphic novels, comics, and (huge numbers of) pizzas; specifically Edwardo's Stuffed Pizzas from the Hyde Park restaurant. Oh, yum, indeed!

I'm sorry to have missed DM, but lo! While passing through the checkpoint at O'Hare Field, I was accosted by a large red-haired (crew-cutted, glasses-wearing) male. It turns out that he was Cliff The Unkillable, a cast member of the original Dungeonmaster, from the Chicago days. He'd been a good friend, but had dropped off the face of the Earth, as far as we could tell. The interim included him working as a roadie, and a bouncer; now he protects travellers from murderous terrorists. More about him later; I recall managing to kill him but once in a DM episode, long, long ago. He was thrilled to hear that the show is once again in existence, and might be persuaded to vacation in warmer climes to show his face to the uninitiated.

We also saw mr_curmudgeon who looked uncomfortable in his gun, body armor, and badge. We inspected his badge closely; more about that another time.

Back to work!