April 10th, 2004

Londo Purple

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To open our discussion today:

I've finished two graphic novels and a book over the last two days.

First of them is Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 2, which I, once again, found an interesting read. I can see why it's so popular, and I'll slowly work my way through them. For the unitiated, this is a manga series, Japanese comics, which details a number of stories set in feudal Japan in which a samurai gives up his life as an executioner for the Shogun, and takes his son on the road as an assassin for hire. The stories give a view of life in Japan in the period.

I followed that by reading Asterix and the Class Act. The Asterix and Obelix series of comics were cute, written originally in French, and followed the adventures of a tribe of Gauls holding out against the Roman Empire with the help of a magic potion made by their Druid, Getafix. The series slowly was translated into English; now, years after one of the pair of creators is dead, this last book has been released, which, instead of following only one story through the book, collects 14 short tales associated with the series under one cover. These have been funny, but not uproarious, and I've enjoyed them, but realizing now that there won't be any more new ones released is bittersweet.

The book I finished last night is by Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe, and is called A Walking Tour of the Shambles, and before I read it, I thought it was about a section of London that both of these authors were planning to use for the future. Instead, it is about a purported neighborhood in Chicago, between the Sears Tower, and the old Post Office, over the Eisenhower Expressway. It's eerie, and hints at things, very much in a Gorey style, and I wish that they'd use it as a setting for other work. A cool read.

Now, before I forget it, let's all wave at megamir who is having her birthday today. Happy birthday!

It's been a tough week. We're swarmed with patients in the hospitals, and I've had to spend a lot of time driving again. There's been a number of negative occurences brought on by nursing mistakes, and I've had an enormous number of pages (for this group, anyway), many of which are about minor things that didn't require immediate attention. I'm really looking forward to Tuesday, so I can pass on the duty to my associate, as well as chasing down a copy of Babylon 5's fifth season DVD, and the one to Kill Bill Volume 1.

I hope all is well amongst my friends, in the meantime.
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Dead Dog Cat

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Needed a moment to add a bit:

Finished a couple more comic books; strange items, almost Christian, called Light Brigade, in which a platoon of US troops try to retake a holy artifact just at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. I've read #1 & 2, but I really haven't decided if I like them or not....

forestcats and I have just finished watching two DVDs, the first of which is a series of Dog Agility Bloopers, which was pretty funny; the second was a film called Once Upon a Time in the Midlands which was a British comedy. Or a Romance. Or something....

Am I missing something, or was that film just not aimed at me as its target?

Ah, well....hope those of you of Christian faiths enjoy your holiday tomorrow; same to you folks of pagan rites...