April 15th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat


Let's start with my reading, once again. This month I'm swamped with "must-read" books, which isn't a bad thing, but a number of books are set aside while I devour books by favorite authors, the first of which is:

Sharpe's Escape, by Bernard Cornwell. I finished this a couple of days ago, and I found it an engrossing read. I have to admit the last few Sharpe's novels have been pretty formulaic, which is why I've been reading Cornwell's other works, as he is able to break out of the formula. However, he's fitting the various Sharpe's novels into whatever niches weren't already filled. I'd recommend the series; no specific recommendation for the particular novel.

I visited a friend who's been grabbing up comics for me that have been written by JMS; I took up several months worth all at once, and read them. They include Supreme Power #7, and The Amazing Spiderman #55-58, 500-503. He also found me a copy of Ministry of Space #2, but it appears that they never finished the series with #3, which is too bad.

I've said before that I found the Supreme Power series of comics to be really interesting to read, and I can't wait to see where he goes with this. I'm guessing that it'll be very different than your standard DC superhero universe.

The Spiderman stuff; well, I'm not interested in Spidey, at all, but I'm very interested in seeing how JMS deals with it. It seems to me that he's taking a path never before travelled with the superhero.

Ministry of Space is essentially an alternate history 'zine, in which the British managed to grab up all the papers and scientists from Peenemunde (sp?), the Nazi rocket base, at the end of World War II, and then proceeded to build a space capability. It was intended to be a three-part series, but I guess it never finished; or at least, I've never seen the last book. It's an interesting concept, and very plausible, but if it never finishes, it's unsatisfactory.

Tuesday night a disaster occured on our street. forestcats discusses it in her LJ from yesterday. Apparently, three cars were drag-racing along our streets. One car clipped another, which went out of control, hitting a dip, throwing up sparks, and then plowing into a tree across the street, snapping it off, and totaling the car. Engine in the front seat, sort of thing. The horn blared for what has to have been a half-hour, at least. The two kids in the front seat were probably saved by wearing their seat belts and having airbags that effectively deployed. One had to be helicoptered out from a local schoolyard to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, our local (only?) trauma center. The other was taken away by ambulance. Rumor has it that they aren't dead. The tree died, though.

Dungeonmaster tomorrow night: If I ever needed to hang out, tomorrow night is the night....
Dead Dog Cat

one more thing

Before I forget, I managed to snag a copy of Babylon 5 Season 5 DVD collection, and I watched three episodes so far. The Season 5 theme music for the series still gives me a shiver down my spine when I hear it.