April 16th, 2004


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Two more done: Both were graphic novels again...

First of all, I finished Usagi Yojimbo #17: Duel at Kitanoji. I really like Stan Sakai's work on the Usagi material, and I'd recommend it to anyone. This one is based on a number of previous stories, so it doesn't really stand alone. Start with #1!

The second one was Lucifer #3: A Dalliance with the Damned, which was again very interesting to read. Again, it is based on the data from previous magazines, so it doesn't really stand alone, so try starting with #1.

In other news, happy birthday greetings to thefreak and trussmonkey! Hope the day goes well for you both!

Yesterday, while I was doing some work in the yard, I was amused to see a fire truck pull up to the house across the street to look at the wreck of the tree; I guess the guys on duty at the firehouse wanted to show the damage to other members of the crew. Don't know quite what to make of that.
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Oh, and then there was that film I watched last night. That piece of garbage with spectacular SFX. I begin to realize that I don't just want effects in my movies, I demand sense, acting, interest. Thus, Matrix Revolutions sucks.