April 19th, 2004

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The weekend. Sort of like doing a "what I did for my summer vacation" sort of thing. Sort of.

First off, over the last few days, I watched one more episode of Babylon 5 Season 5 (episode 4, to be exact) as well as the special feature on disc one. Moving right along.

We also watched the DVD from Kill Bill Volume 1, to our enjoyment. Didn't have time to watch the Special Features, though.

Finally, we watched Pulp Fiction last night on DVD, which was a good cut of the work. Saw the deleted scenes, which weren't bad, but clearly would have slowed the movie's pacing. Also, it was a bit bittersweet watching the Siskel & Ebert special on Quentin Tarentino from a while after the film's release.

Dungeonmaster was very nice this week, with a house that was oversold thanks to Suki. With six audience to be called onstage, the one extra person sat in a vacated seat. archangelus ended up surviving, to her apparent astonishment (oh, and, thanks for the salad dressings, and the pasta; the nuts were as you described them, insidious in their effect. Cool!)

Various yard activities were pursued yesterday, including the initial attempts to beat down the brick monolith to open up some more backyard space. Also, the larger, longest planter is down, and nearly out.

...and tomorrow, Master and Commander is coming out....
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