April 26th, 2004

Londo Purple


Managed to finish Sethra Lavode by Steven Brust over the weekend. It's the third book in a series set in the early history of the Empire involved in the Jhereg series of books. This third book was the easiest to read of the lot, as he's been writing in a stilted format that is supposed to help set the mood for the era. If you like Brust, this one is good. It definitely doesn't work if you are just picking up his books and haven't read any of the others.

In other news: Happy Birthday vampireanneke! Why didn't you warn folks for the last Dungeonmaster? My goodness, think of all the cakes we'd have had to have after that show!!

This last weekend, forestcats and I joined thousands of people and invaded my old campus at UCLA for the LA Times Festival of Books. I managed to discover a "bookstore" of sorts of which I was unaware in our general neighborhood, that appears to have a number of British edition hardcover books in stock. Be still my beating heart. Anyway, it was fun to be on the old campus; I stopped in what we used to call The Student Store, and picked up a decal for my car. Wandering the campus was fun, and then we wandered Farmer's Market and The Grove in the Fairfax district; and finished the evening with dinner at Messob, an Ethiopian restaurant. A lovely day.

The week has allowed me to catch up on a number of comic books, as I've managed to find some missing links. First of all, I read Legendlore #s 7 & 8, the latter of which I've had for about 8 years, but I'd missed 7. I found it online recently, and read the two. Poor quality art, and too pompous. I think the series died after that. Too bad, as it started as The Realm, which had a certain humor about it. Legendlore lost the humor. Then there was The Girl Who Would Be Death #s 1, 2, and 3, out of 4. I'm still hunting locally for the final book; it's an interesting take on a normal person's interaction with one of the Endless, from the Sandman series. Then there was Tales of the Realm #s 2, 3, and 4; with only one more book expected to be released next month. These have been sort of fun, with a world mostly worked out with a combination of magic, and technology, sort of like our world. The adventurers are amusing, and the artwork is better than I was seeing in the old Legendlore books. Followed that by reading another Vertigo title, called Witchcraft: La Terreur, which basically deals with how a young witch gains power during the French Revolution. Again, I didn't like the art all that much, or the lettering at all, but the storyline was pretty strong. Next was a series from Top Cow, called Rising Stars: Bright (#s 1, 2, 3). The Rising Stars series has been on hold for a long time while JMS argues with Top Cow about the upcoming film version of the comic; apparently while they were waiting to make up, they had a protoge (sp?) of JMS write a series of three comics dealing with the background of one of the characters. This one was pretty solid. It makes me more irritated that they haven't come to a conclusion yet with JMS, though I'm hearing that things are settled. I guess they just need to get the artwork done. Finally, on a whim, I found a copy of another Vertigo title in a $1 bin, called Nevada #1. It seems interesting, set in Las Vegas, but I'm not seeing any other copies of it locally. We'll have to see if I can take it any further.

...and now to post this before mrsmartian has the Prime Minister launch a nuclear strike at our house....
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