April 27th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat


...and then I read Raymond Feist's novel, King of Foxes, which is the second of three in a series, which is actually a subseries of the novels he's written since Magician. This one is very readable, has some interesting bits in it, and is not quite as good as his earlier works.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, we stopped at Rhino Records in Westwood, primarily to look at Golden Apple Comics in the back of the store. The record store has an enormous selection of vinyl music, as well as used tapes and DVDs. Golden Apple disappointed me, first of all because no one was working there (though, I suspect they were all at UCLA for the book fair there), and secondly because they had no back files to peruse. Bummer.

The run-in to the weekend began yesterday; clean-up proceeds apace to get the place ready for our upcoming feeding of the masses. I wish we'd done this a few weeks back, as the heat in Devore at the RenFaire will be wicked at this point in the year, however, I expect to have fun.
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