May 1st, 2004

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Whoa, what a week.

The backyard has been the center of activity at our place all week, in preparation for the BBQ Sunday.

We've put up rope lighting under the suncloth, with the assistance of lunafox16, who was paid with a viewing of Kill Bill Volume 1. The old mister line has come down, and a new fresh one has been put up in its place, and tested. The old, rather dangerous grill has been replaced with a new one, with more burner space and more shelf space on either side. Sweeping and cleaning. Oh, and the spa's motor has been repaired, though it still is missing a single part, which means that we may or may not have it functional in time.

More's to come, though I may not be home in time to help much with it.

We have a house guest at the moment, and more coming tonight, including axelicious & Liz.

Busy, busy, busy.

I've managed to watch a couple of Babylon 5 Season 5 episodes; worked my way through the telepath problem episodes, such as they are. Byron = JC...

Only a little time for reading; still several "must-read" books are sitting waiting and calling to me...

However, I'm looking forward to going to the Renaissance Faire in Devore, CA, tomorrow. You never know who or what you'll find there.
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