May 3rd, 2004

Londo Purple

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What a weekend:

Sod in place; off to Southern Faire; met up with over a dozen friends; forestcats got herself a lovely braid job after only hours waiting in line at Faire; on the way back, stopping to get a fire pit; axelicious being helpful and building said fire pit while I did dishes; the crowd starts arriving; sausages, chicken, hot dogs, lamb, corned beef, steak; thanks to the folks who brought sides; we had soft drinks; the water balloon wars; Dry Skin building me a spot light so that I could make damn near perfect steaks on the grill after dark; new friends bringing gelato for dessert; another friend (Randy) who deserves Kudos for bringing a 1963 port, as well as other excellent wines to complement the shoulda been here, folks!

The dog, Sirius, by the end of the day (night, really) collapsing, exhausted, from all the ball-chasing she'd done.

The backyard looks pretty good at this point, even post party.

I managed, one place or another, to get a couple of comics read: Ministry of Space #3, the final one of that series, written by Warren Ellis; and The Way of the Rat #23. The former was pretty good; it has been a long time coming. The latter wasn't quite as interesting as the series has been previously, but I'll wait to see what happens next.

Hopefully, tonight we'll finally have some time to go see Kill Bill Volume 2.

Oh, and please, everyone, wish twistedcat a happy birthday! She visited Rancho Paley last night and joined in the festivities, but we didn't manage to make her a separate birthday cake. Sorry....
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