May 9th, 2004

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Been a busy week for work, but I did manage to read the following books:

Red back to back with another graphic novel, Tokyo Storm Warning, both written by Warren Ellis. The first one was pretty cool, about a retired CIA assassin, the second was pretty hokey from my POV, mostly because I never found giant robots particularly exciting.

We've seen a few movies on DVD via Netflix; I dumped The Office, as I couldn't stand the boss; I didn't finish watching The Tao of Steve either, but watched Robin Williams Live on Broadway all the way through. I want to rent a couple more recent items later today, or soon, anyway.

Read/finished the Thessaly: Witch for Hire comic series, by reading #4. The saga was at least amusing, and I like how it didn't really finish, while it did.

Dungeonmaster was a great deal of fun this weekend, especially as mr_curmudgeon came out from Chicago again to play. He was very amusing, bantering with Bruce, the director, actor, writer, etc. (Grand chief nabob, etc>.) We slept a LONG time after we got home from the show.

Yesterday, forestcats and I went to my parents' place for an early Mother's Day, and to help them with care of my sister's kids. One of the children is presently recovering from neurosurgery for a brain abscess, and the other two were at Mom & Dad's while their parents were at the hospital, after they had visited their sister. After dinner, which we shared with their father at California Pizza Kitchen (ick), we went back to my parents, and, as a holiday gift to her, we went through the house fixing things and updating things for several hours. She was delighted!

We followed that by spending a few hours at timmy_ritz's party; lots of younger folks; we were the oldest by about a decade, but we had a reasonably good time. forestcats got into dealing blackjack for no bets; it was interesting to get the practice.

Then, I read The Accusers, a mystery set in Imperial Rome, written by Lindsey Davis. I've enjoyed the entire Falco series, of which this is the latest in the US, but this one was a bit too legalistic. YMMV.
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