May 13th, 2004

3 champs


Another used book here, a Star Trek: Enterprise book called What Price Honor? which was a bit better than the last one read, but still not much of a read. I've got another one sitting around someplace.

Couple of comics came in; El Cazador #6 is again, a pirate-related comic that is fairly interesting, and the art is rather well-done. Then there's Light Brigade #3 of 4, which isn't as well done, but has some weird religious overtones in a military fiction tale.

Over the last several weeks, I've joined Bally's in an attempt to improve my physique. Due to an old, volleyball-related injury to my left ankle, I gave up most exercise, as the only one's I liked were volleyball and basketball, and the injury wouldn't allow me to play either. So, I'm using their pool, to keep the ankle free of re-injury. I started by using the one at the Rancho Cucamonga site, only to find that the pool was outdoors, and the air temperature was in the low forties with a breeze. 8 laps of an Olympic-sized pool, stop and go. I've been back twice, to the Bally's at Montclair Plaza Shopping Center, both times this week, swimming in their indoor pool, with the first time being 10 laps, stop and go; last night it was 12 laps, with the first two straight through, and then 10 stop and go. I usually finish up in their spa, rubbing out the spasms in my left leg.

Last night we spent some time watching another Netflix-sent item, this one being Dennis Miller's HBO special from 1993, filmed in Washington, D.C. I find his sense of humor very funny, and I love his sub-referencing. We await the next influx.
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