May 14th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

44, 45

Yesterday, I finished Surak's Soul, a Star Trek: Enterprise book. I can sum up in one word: "Yawn".

Then, thank goodness for lunchbreaks: I finished Budayeen Nights by George Alec Effinger. The aforementioned, recently deceased author had written a series of novels dealing with a cyberpunk future, and placed it in an Islamic setting. The three novels were quite good, but Effinger didn't write much, or often, and so the ideas for two follow-on novels died with him. Budayeen Nights takes several short stories, story fragments, or chapters from his works-in-progress, binds them together, and lets us see where he planned to go with it, to some degree. Good, if you liked the previous novels. Not worth it if you haven't.

Last night, I watched (please note that I didn't say that I "enjoyed") The Last Samurai on a DVD gathered from Netflix. I really don't much care for Tom Cruise, and this movie doesn't change that. The movie is supposed to deal with the conflict between conservative elements in Japanese society and modernizers in same during the late 1870s. An American military officer (played by guess who?) is thrown in to give American audiences a familiar character type to identify with. It's grossly predictable, and rather boring. Once again, I'm glad I didn't waste the money seeing this in the theaters. Up next from Netflix is Big Fish which I gather is neither predictable, nor boring, so I'm looking forward to having a few moments to give it a look-see.
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