May 20th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

46, 47, 48

Let's start with the reading stuff and get it out of the way:

First, I read The Demon Archer by P. C. Doherty, which is another in the series about Hugh Corbett, the King's clerk for Edward I of England. Revolved around the intrigues of the kings of France and England, and also around the business of relics. I like these historical mystery series, as I like putting myself into the different cultures and times to try to work out the likely suspect.

Second, I read Lone Wolf and Cub #3: The Flute of the Fallen Tiger. I really like the series of graphic novels, and find them fascinating to read. They really seem to evoke the Japanese culture and mores of the period.

Third, I've gone on a Warren Ellis kick; for the uninformed, he's the author of a number of comic series which I've generally enjoyed a great deal. This time, I've read the graphic novel Orbiter in which a Shuttle disappears while in orbit, and then returns 10 years later. There's a lot of pretty gritty realism to this, and it's dedicated to the astronauts who lost their lives as their Shuttle broke up on re-entry. I'd recommend it.

Now on to other matters:
Happy Birthday mspunkrockstar, and I hope it's a good one for you!

Last weekend, Sunday, we had a guest who we took to Temecula for wine tasting. The guest, to my surprise, didn't want to go to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's open house, but because he apparently knew little about wines, he wanted the opportunity to try wine tasting with us. forestcats and I complied, and we went to a total of six wineries, including Stuart and Filsinger, and our friend went back to Texas with nine bottles of various wines which he'd tasted and found tasty. We, of course, used the opportunity to restock, especially as we were nearly out of white wines. I was the DD, so forestcats did the tippling for us both. Dinner that night was at Baily's Cafe, which is apparently going to be moved soon to another site near Temecula's Old Town district.

I have managed to get some more exercise in, with 14 laps of the Olympic pool at the club...2 straight through, 10 stop and go, with shorter rest times in between, and 2 straight through again at the end. I also needed much less time to work out the spasm that occured again in my left thigh in the spa afterwards. I'm hoping to have time to do this again tonight after work, but I'm not sure if I'll have time.

Friday night is Dungeonmaster, and I'm looking forward to it. forestcats found something that she wants to share around with folks who attend, so we'll see how people react to it.
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