May 29th, 2004

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More reading done:

First, the graphic novel Lucifer Book 4: The Divine Comedy, which hardly seems to be discussing Lucifer in it. However, it was still a very interesting read. Looking forward to book 5.

Then, I also finished another book from Paul Doherty, called The Treason of the Ghosts, which is in his Hugh Corbett series of Medieval mystery novels. Good; this one apparently has yet to be published in the US, but I found a used copy through the internet shipped to me from England.

I also finished the run of Light Brigade, a comic that has a moderately religious and military theme; not entirely satifactory, but not horrible either.

This is a good time to wish glaw2424 a happy birthday....very happy, I hope!

We went to services again with the offshoot group at the home of one of the members; it's always a good feeling, as the folks there want to be there, and not forced; it's a real comaradery thing. Next Friday night, we are hosting, and we're going to have the grill running, with Kosher steaks, for a meal after services. Anybody Jewish out there care to attend?

Off to work...
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