May 31st, 2004

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Managed to finish yet another graphic novel, this one being the fifth Lone Wolf and Cub, subtitled: Black Wind. I especially liked the tale of the same name in the book; very poignant.

I dumped a Barbara Hambly novel; generally, I like her books, but this series just isn't making it for me: the name of the book is Dragonshadow. I'll pass it on to forestcats and see if she wants to read it.

Due to my call schedule, I missed the beach party at Dockweiler Beach, at the far end of LAX. forestcats, girlwonder_01, and lunafox16 with members of the family visiting from Albuquerque were there first at about 0630; apparently, all told, there were nearly 60 people attending. forestcats got a large number of photos with her new digital camera of the event; some of the younger kids had never been in the ocean before. I expect we'll be seeing more about this from a number of LJers later today.

Must remember to say "Happy Birthday" to mysticmoron, as well as recalling that today is Memorial Day...

Most of our use of DVDs lately has been directed to entertaining the youngest member of our guests with Pirates of the Caribbean being the most watched. I have managed to watch a bit of Season 5 of Babylon 5; the other night I also watched most of The Osbournes, season 2 1/2. More amusing than most of season 2.

Still oncall, with another 2 admissions to do; the good news is that one of the doctors that I'm covering is coming in today, and will take one of his patients back...

I really can't wait to see what folks post about the day at Dockweiler Beach... I'd like to see how each individual sees such a large event differently...
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Pondering various things

I found myself thinking a lot about US foreign policy today, as well as its use of military force. Things like that I generally tend to keep my opinions to myself on, but I think about them fairly often. First, some background. Korea wasn't my problem, as I was born too late to have any thoughts on the problem. Mind you, the world never shook its finger at the US for that one, as the North Koreans were the obvious aggressors, just like the Iraqis versus Kuwait. Another war that the world didn't fault us for. Heck, even the Afghan thing hasn't caused much international dismay. However, we compare Vietnam and this latest Iraq incursion, and we see differently. I'm not sure that we weren't justified to go into Iraq for the humanitarian reasons that were touted last year, just as we jumped on an excuse to get fully involved in the Vietnamese conflict when NVA ships launched torpedoes at USN vessels, but without the support of the UN, we look like bullies rather than a judicious nation performing limited military pursuits. The events at the prison have only exacerbated this scenario. Mind you, the War Against Terrorism has been going on for decades in Europe; World War I occured because of overresponses by all the involved nations to a terrorist action in the Balkans. That doesn't minimize the attack on the World Trade Center, but our nation showed admirable restraint afterwards, and only struck at a few of the places where terrorists were trained. For example, please note how Libya is being very very quiet, these days. Are we right to be in Iraq now? Well, "you broke it, you own it"... It's hardly funny to watch the lessons that were taught in such books as Tuchman's The Guns of August, or in certain books by James Dunnigan being utterly ignored....for example, most of my more liberal friends really thought that there was a chance that our troops who were pouring into Kuwait might actually not be used...foolish; after all that expense, it was clear that they would have to be sent in and damn the consequences. Or the numbers of people who demanded that more troops be sent in so that force would be overwhelming, as had been done in the previous conflict; our Secretary of Defense stated that no other troops would be needed...bullshit...and now, a year later, they are admitting that they do need them, but where are they to be found? The Clinton administration cut the Army to the bone, and we already have thousands of troops engaged in Afghanistan where we also aren't exactly able to withdraw, so, instead, we'll have to pull them out of South Korea, where we nearly had our boys headed north at the same time as the build-up in Kuwait occured. We don't have enough soldiers anymore to fight three major conflicts. If anything else takes place, we have nothing to send. And our purported allies like France, Germany, and Russia are unlikely to help out. I guess the end of this musing is that I find the foreign policy of the US right now is in major disarray, and I find that I can't support our encumbent President in his bid for a second term. What nauseates me is that I feel that his likely opponent to be nominated by the Democrats is similarly unacceptable. Gack!

Thank you for your forbearance. Please drive through....
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