June 5th, 2004

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Start with book:

I finished the latest of the Hugh Corbett series by P.C. Doherty, called Corpse Candle, which was an interesting murder mystery set in a monastery in Medieval England. I'm about to move on to other books by the same author, as this is the last book of this series of which I'm aware.

Last night, several weeks of work came to fruition; we had our offshoot group of renegades from our synagogue over to have Friday night services at the house. It was a beautiful evening, and afterwards we had a BBQ, using all kosher meats. I cooked a bit too much, which was, after all, just right, and folks seemed to enjoy it very much. Several people hung around for hours afterwards chatting. Wonderful evening. The host male is expected to make some comment on this week's Torah portion; I studied up a bit on it, with the help of a Chumash (essentially, a book with all the Torah and Haftorah portions in it, with some minor commentary), as well as a few Internet sites dedicated to Torah review. Very helpful. One of the group handed me a CD-ROM, which contains software and sound files to help me study Torah portions, as I am going to have to recite Torah at the group's upcoming Yom Kippur services. So, once I've been assigned a portion, I'm going to have to study up vigorously, just like before my Bar Mitzvah, although in that case, I had 6 months to prepare....still, as a Bar Mitzvah, I had a lot more preparing to do than I will for this portion.

Hopefully, today we will see Harry Potter, and definitely, we'll see Dungeonmaster. The latter show is just switching to Saturday nights.

Now, off to work.
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