June 6th, 2004

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Once again, start with the book:

Read another graphic novel. This one was Lone Wolf and Cub #6: Lanterns for the Dead, which I once again found to be a very interesting read. What a great series.

Also, thanks to ibhod, I read the third installment of the comic Love Street, which, after all the searching, proved to be a bit of a let-down. Possibly had to do with why it apparently never was collected for trade pb status.

For some reason, LJ Portal listed lunafox16's birthday as yesterday. She must have fixed it since Friday, though. Happy UNbirthday, then, Yessie!

Busy day yesterday; we went and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at a shitty old run-down, poorly managed theater, where we got in at quite a discount. The system failed three times in the scene with the boggart, and the sound system was pretty crappy, but we managed to fit the film in on opening weekend, so that counts for something. Expect us to go see it at a better theater fairly soon. In other words, excellent film. Personally, without getting into spoilers, I think it's better than the other two, and I LIKED both of the other two.

Then, late last night, there was Dungeonmaster. Switching to Saturday nights might make some sense for certain logistic reasons, or even for some of the cast's schedules, but we had one third the audience we have been having; I hope it's not a sign for the future. axelicious's Latin Lover character had a few amusing moments, generally due to playing off of girlwonder_01 as an anime-type, but he's done better with others, such as his Gnoll. I liked Bruce as the Bridge Troll, though, and I really liked starrats22 as the ghost. Nearly everyone from cast AND audience met at Denny's afterwards for food and schmoozing. Nearly EVERYONE! That's really great. What a community has been forged here. That's one of the things that really makes me love this show....
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