June 7th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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start with the book:

I finished another graphic novel, this one being Lucifer #5: Inferno which, though I liked it, didn't seem as strong to me as the previous four had.

I also worked my way through several comics. I read the whole run of Dead Boy Detectives which was amusing, but I can see why it was never collected into a trade pb. Not very strong. I also finished The Girl Who Would Be Death #4, which was also a wishy-washy and somewhat predictable ending. Again, it explains why they never collected it into a trade pb; just not strong enough to deserve it.

We had a potluck at our house yesterday, and a number of folks came over to enjoy the day and the reopened hot tub. Lovely time. We inaugurated the fire pit that it was too hot to use at the BBQ; it worked out nicely. I cooked on the grill, and once again made too much. Bummer, eh?

Houseguest demanded to see early Babylon 5 episodes, and due to fatigue, I drowsed through 3 of them, while folks played poker in the other room. See if axelicious has much to say about this.

And the week begins.
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