June 11th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Once again, we start with the books:

Earlier this week, I finished another P.C. Doherty book, not part of a series, called The Masked Man. It dealt fictionally with a rogue hired to solve the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask. It's an interesting read, and might even be right in its conclusions...

Today, I finished a book by a fellow named James Dunnigan. This guy was the guiding force behind Simulations Publications Inc., also known as SPI, which was a board game (strategy game) company that was forced into closing by TSR in the late 70s. Their games were heavily researched as to historical accuracy and deep data, and they were often very good at simulations. He's since become a "talking head" on news programs, especially with regard to military affairs. He's written a number of interesting non-fiction books, and the most recent is The World War II Bookshelf: Fifty Must-Read Books, which, for the researcher, is very useful. He gives a solid information that he gleaned from each of them, and makes a good case for reading them for those interested in the history of the period.

I thought, a couple of days ago, that I was seeing a fellow on Foothill Blvd. in Rancho Cucamonga, running by, carrying an Olympic Torch. He had two police motorcycles in front of him, and a police van behind him, and the snarl he caused in traffic was prodigious. I caught a quick glimpse of the back of his t-shirt, and it had a lot of writing (blue on white), but I could have sworn that I saw it say "Olympic" something-or-other. However, research on my part didn't seem to tell where the damn thing is right now. So, maybe it was, or maybe it wasn't. Doesn't matter; I got choked up anyway, as the Olympics often does to me. Not long now until the terrorists take over Athens...

Since I last posted, forestcats and I have seen Shrek 2, which I found amusing. No surprises, but it was good fun.

We also watched a DVD from Netflix which was called Little Voice which I found predictable and boring. Another DVD from Netflix failed, but I gather that you mark the envelope, and they send a fresh DVD of the same thing right back out to you. What a cool service.

Beagles tonight. Ask about it tomorrow.
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