June 13th, 2004

baby Mouser

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Starting with books:

Lots of reading today, I finished Lone Wolf and Cub #7: Cloud Dragon, Wind Tiger, which is another in a series of manga graphic novels which I continue to enjoy.

Later in the morning, I finished another graphic novel, Usagi Yojimbo #18: Travels with Jotaro, which is an interesting series of comics set in medieval Japan in which a rabbit has samurai adventures. Again, fun and interesting, with good artwork.

Then, later in the afternoon, I finished reading a book called Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain, which I'm reading solely to add some versimilitude to my Rolemaster campaign, if and when the characters do things deserving of notice by the rulers of the lands they adventure in. The material was interesting, and there's a number of photos, including full regalia in most cases.

For no good reason, I picked up a Marvel comic called Witches #1. I read it. Yawn.

We have an addition to the household. Friday night, a beagler stopped by with a full dozen pups who ran roughshod over the backyard. One climbed into my lap, and kept coming back whenever she was moved elsewhere. She's now staying permanently, and has been named Brushette, since her dam was Sage (sire was Winchester); her nickname is Barooooooo. Very cute, playful, and she's MY dog.

On the other hand, please note my icon. That's The Gray Mouser, a cat who joined our family three days before that photo was shot, and found abandoned on the streets of Chicago in a brown paper sack. Mouse is now around twenty years old. Watch this space, or that of forestcats in the near future, because we don't think he has much longer to live. *mope*

Dungeonmaster was held in a special show for a Highlander convention, called Fan Odyssey. This was the third time it's been there, and the crowd continues to enjoy it. I ended up being sent onstage to play "Mycroft", my Guardian of the Flame (a hero of the realm) to get the party out of trouble. Later, the cast was signing T-shirts, and two folks from Michigan came up to ME with a photo from the same convention last year, which had me showing off the T-shirt. They each had me sign them; later other folks asked me and forestcats to sign their shirts as well. thefreak was apparently signing and selling his headshots, as was Greg; I saw others at the table, such as Buddy, but I'm not sure who-all ended up signing. The fans seemed very pleased.

I've spent much time online; it's time to spend some more quality time with the puppy.
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