June 17th, 2004

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Next book:

Finished reading The Judgment of Caesar from author Steven Saylor, another mystery novel set in the Roman era. This one has the protagonist present as Julius Caesar is interacting with Cleopatra. Pretty well-written, and interesting in the way it depicts the era.

I haven't had much time to grieve over the loss of the Gray Mouser, as we are dealing with a new beagle puppy. I've named her Brushette, and forestcats has posted a few pictures of the rascal. She's working on her howl. Not yet 8 weeks old. Lovely pup.
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for a change, let's start with the book:

I finished a little while ago, Osprey Fortress #17: Troy c.1700 - 1250 BC. All of these books have a lot of thought provoking material useful for the gaming mind. I think that they rushed it into print, though, to be around for the movie...

At the urging of several, I tried watching El Mariachi last night. The DVD from Netflix wouldn't let me shut off the Director's Commentary, and it irritated me to no end. However, even so, I found the plot uninteresting, and dropped it. The DVD's opposite side contains Desperado, and I figure to watch that fairly soon.

This afternoon went by quickly, as we were given the latter part off to be given CPR recertification. Hoo-yah!

...and off to enjoy the puppy some more...
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