June 30th, 2004

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I've about had it.

Last weekend was the birthday celebration for several individuals, three of whom have LJs. forestcats and I were able to offer them a place to have their combined party, to whit, my parents house while my parents were out of the country. Note the singular: "party". We offered Saturday night. One of their number announced to the masses that there would be parties held both Friday and Saturday nights at this venue. Why? I gather, because there was no other available venue. Rather than embarrass a friend by forcing him to recant his announcement, I acquiesced.

However, I did insist that certain people not be invited, as I recognized that their presence would cause difficulties. This request was ignored, and the person or persons of my concern not only were invited, but attended. As a gracious host, I treated them as I would any guest in my house, even though the person in question stole vodka and 18-year-old Scotch that were off-limits in my father's bar.

So, what am I hearing? Not, "Gee, thanks, Bill, it was great to have had a place to party!" Not from the majority of the interactions. What I'm hearing is that my parents, who unexpectedly returned to LA due to my father's illness, have been called by every single one of their neighbors complaining about the wild party over the weekend. What I'm hearing is my wife distressed over the way she's being treated, as if she had invited anyone at all to this party. What I'm hearing is people upset about the dietary rules of my religion; rules that I don't follow, but my parents do.

Point: someone (I don't know who) invited an individual to this party whose presence caused serious distress to one of the guests-of-honor. This is indeed unfortunate. The GoH asked that person to leave. This may or may not have been correct, in the sense of etiquette. The person refused. This, too, may or may not have been correct, per etiquette. The GoH chose to leave the party. This is her right. One might have suggested that she should have stayed at the party, simply avoiding contact with the other principle, but the choice was hers. However, assaulting that individual in my parents' home was intolerable.

Skinny dipping in the wee hours of the morning might have been in bad taste, or it might not have been. Certainly, I can understand the temptation. Doing so with screams and shouts at 4 or 5AM, thereby disrupting MY PARENTS neighborhood was intolerable.

You folks who were there don't have to deal with the results of your behavior. I'm disgusted with nearly all of you (exceptions: Ben, who went above and beyond the call of duty to help clean up the spilled beer on the Persian rugs; axelicious who vigorously aided in the clean-up; Liz who tried to repair the choked drains in the kitchen; even timmy_ritz who helped me drag the overstuffed trash barrels back into position; anyone who actually threw their trash away instead of leaving it wherever they happened to be); I can't believe that you folks expected the birthday celebrants to do all the work involved. I mean, I knew better than to think that any of you would be of any help at all in trying to make it fun and a happy memory for the four, but to leave this party in such a disastrous state!?! I can hardly believe that axelicious had any energy to participate in dodge-ball later.

Then, to top it off, things were missing at my parents afterward. Not only do you folks wallow in garbage, and stab at each other, but you steal from those who only meant you WELL!

The Hell with you.

I don't get angry easily, or often, but you (whoever you are) sicken me. My mother comes home frantic about her husband's medical condition and she find things MISSING! What in the name of God do you think this was???? Walmart! Gee, I like the looks of that, let's take it... I'm so angry I can hardly type this out.

Some of you realize I'm not directing this at you. Most of you aren't literate enough to bother reading, let alone LJ. But I had to comment on this.

One more thing. Leave Bridget alone about this. Hasn't she done enough, just trying to keep DM alive, parties going, showers running, that she doesn't need to be spending her time defending herself for simply offering a place for you folks to party?

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on the other hand, fun stuff

While recovering from the debacle of the weekend, I managed to finally watch JMS' commentary for the last episode of Season 5 of Babylon 5. That episode (Sleeping in Light) brings me to tears, and listening to JMS choking up about it...does it all over again in a new way. Whew.

I also watched the last three episodes of The Osbournes Season 2 1/2. It was cute seeing Lola, one of their dogs, having behaviors similar to Sirius, one of ours. The very last episode was staged, though, as I figured out. In it, Minnie, Sharon Osbourne's favorite dog, is supposedly killed while Jack is sleepwalking. However, when forestcats, her friend Judy, and Judy's daughter Kristen and I went to see the Sharon Osbourne Show taping in LA, we saw Minnie wandering underfoot, and into and out of camera view (cute). Thus, I was unsurprised when it was revealed to be staged. A couple of laughs, here and there.

We went yesterday to go see the Disney release of Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan. I think it was a very well-done piece of work, which easily allowed suspension of disbelief, and was very cool for those who are into Steam Punk. The one disappointment was that they didn't show outtakes from the stunts behind the credits; I can only hope that such outtakes will be available on the DVD.

Finally, we watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy last night; however, the title changed for once. They changed it to Queer Eye for the Gay Guy, for obvious reasons. Interesting to note that the straight guys pretty much throughout the series have been more open to change than this gay fellow was. Still, interesting to watch.
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Columbia launch

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I shuddered when I saw the headline.

They are calling back into service 5600 persons.

They are considering pulling US troops out of South Korea while pressuring the Koreans to send more troops to Iraq.

Why aren't they admitting that they didn't plan adequately for the "peace", and they are stretched far too thin?

Fucking Peace Dividend Bullshit.
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