July 2nd, 2004

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So, the Netflix thing is very useful.

forestcats watched Strictly Ballroom the other night when I had to work late, and then followed it with Eat, Drink, Man, Woman...or something like that. She had me watch the opening scenes of the latter, and it was better than watching the Food Network. Interesting watching the fellow making dishes...

Last night, we watched the first two episodes of Band of Brothers. Having been a student of military history, I had some clue about what was going on in the training scenes; the combat sequences in episode 2 were intense. Looks like an excellent series, and more will be coming from Netflix in the upcoming weeks.

The weekend is likely to be quite busy, with a wedding shower tomorrow morning; Dungeonmaster tomorrow night, and parties at a couple of places on the 4th. Hooray for the United States!
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