July 5th, 2004

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More books finished:

First was Osprey New Vanguard #96: Spanish Galleon 1530 - 1690, which was useful for those in a pirate frame of mind, as the galleons were often targets of the buccaneers. Useful data for gaming purposes.

Second was Osprey Campaign #130: Kawanakajima 1553 - 64: Samurai Power Struggle, which gives a little bit more history of Japan. Interesting.

Rough weekend, in terms of fatigue: Saturday morning we were out and about early due to a wedding shower which we attended, aided, stocked with equipment that took place near the LA Equestrian Center...I guess it's Burbank or Toluca Lake in that area. We had to drive all the way home and then all the way back to North Hollywood for Dungeonmaster. We ate dinner at Art's Deli, a place I hadn't eaten at for over two decades, but it still has fantastic quality meats in its sandwiches. We then stopped at the Iliad Used Bookstore near the Dungeonmaster theater. I found a couple more books on my list at a discount, hooray!

Dungeonmaster, thank goodness, had a near-full house, though the show didn't go as well as we might have hoped. Several actors didn't speak up, and the party wasn't very decisive. Also, it's embarassing when a party member attempts to raise the dead, and only manages to make them undead....eeeeewwwww...

Sunday, we had invitations for the 4th of July that were business-related, an occurence that neither forestcats or I were used to. The first took us to the home of an Indian couple; he is a cardiologist in the area, and she is a hematologist/oncologist in the area. The home is underserved by being called palatial; I think that we saw original masters paintings on the walls (we think a small Van Gogh and a larger Renoir, but we could be mistaken). The food, catered by an Indian restaurant or caterer from Santa Monica, was superb, especially the lamb, and the fish. Terrific.

We came home mid-afternoon, and napped, due to exhaustion from the previous evening. I was called away to admit a patient at a local hospital. Having done that, we followed up the evening by going to my boss' new home, and watching fireworks from the backyard....itty bitty little bursts way off in the distance. Ice cream to finish, and then home to crash.

Odd weekend...
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