July 8th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Watched another episode of Neverwhere via Netflix last night; cheesy BBC effects, but still, pretty interesting stuff. Then, forestcats had picked up the second season DVDs from Six Feet Under, and I watched part of the first episode with her, though I never got through the first season with her (due to exhaustion and lack of time...now I'm really going to have to aggregate my fecal matter and finish it all....I think I set it aside in favor of Babylon 5, not that that's an excuse). However, nighttime caught up with me, and I didn't finish the show with her.

Rodeo this weekend at the Chino Fairgrounds; I'm going to run my Rolemaster game on Sunday. Then, Monday, I took the day off for my birthday. Off to Laguna Beach to just chill for the day, maybe check out the Marine Mammals Center, and the Art Museum. Wander the village. Watch the waves. Hectic as this week is turning out, it all sounds so good...
Dead Dog Cat

I haven't even read all this yet

Googlism for: mycroft

mycroft is a high
mycroft is impressive on a number of fronts
mycroft is a reader at cambridge university computer laboratory
mycroft is a powerful new testing and analysis tool for users and developers of eft
mycroft is custom installed on an nt workstation; variations on request
mycroft is even more subtly drawn
mycroft is not above hiring actors to trace his well
mycroft is also her cat's name
mycroft is sherlock holmes' smarter brother
mycroft is "seven years my senior"
mycroft is seven years his senior
mycroft is embroiled in a fantastic scheme to overthrow the american government and restore the confederacy under british rule
mycroft is that i
mycroft is shaking his head'; code for 'a near miss'
mycroft is shaking his head' must have struck the hapless contestant with the same force as the sight of caesar
mycroft is a professional services organization with an expertise in and focus on directory services strategy and directory
mycroft is amazed about time travel
mycroft is impressed that little brother sherlock acknowledges that he cannot disprove ashleigh's remarkable story
mycroft is coming round
mycroft is checking out the tir pattern as endymion is distracted in wossel
mycroft is unconsious
mycroft is without a doubt smarter and more perceptive than his younger brother
mycroft is back; i'm still waiting to hear from micromac's tech support on the bad boards
mycroft is absent
mycroft is described as "my brother mycroft"
mycroft is a generalist with a grasp of the entire structure of the
mycroft is?"
mycroft is strong
mycroft is the sheltie; vashti & graphite are the cats
mycroft is an east coast based information technology consulting firm focused on identity management
mycroft is the british government's chief of intelligence
mycroft is represented by bancroft
mycroft is deeply involved in british political affairs
mycroft is the 80
mycroft is available as two separate packages; one for general investigation procedures
mycroft is for it
mycroft is possibly the most powerful adviser to the british government
mycroft is possibly the most powerful adviser to the british government of the 1890's ~ and later ~ especially regarding
mycroft is such a cutie
mycroft is wearing a greek toga because he was portraying zeus
mycroft is establishing our roles
mycroft is quite the mad scientist
mycroft is portrayed as a cripple
mycroft is a diplomat of sorts
mycroft is apparently superhumanly patient
mycroft is quite tall
mycroft is in absolutely no way related to microsoft
mycroft is a good guy in this effort
mycroft is used to describe anyone with the ability to provide the right answer
mycroft is a qualitative reasoning toolkit which permits a number of fuzzy constraint based methods to be used as required
mycroft is
mycroft is trying to immitate
mycroft is having a little fit down in the corner
mycroft is james bond turned m
mycroft is seeking a senior business development manager with a proven track record to lead our business development efforts
mycroft is the place for you
mycroft is a sedentary creature who spends his spare time at the diogenes club
mycroft is really fun to watch on claratin
mycroft is working on this
mycroft is shot and left for dead
mycroft is quite right
mycroft is coming to visit
mycroft is 10 and rupert is 2
mycroft is most likely a virtual construct
mycroft is a staff toxicologist in the department of health services where he serves as chief of the hazard evaluation
mycroft is linked to the
mycroft is your brother is well known to the public because of uncle john’s stories
mycroft is not only
mycroft is a high speed search engine
mycroft is amazed at what can be done with the simple things in life like a feather duster
mycroft is an inventor whose latest effort is a prose portal that allows people to enter works of literature
mycroft is one of the
mycroft is so fond of saying
mycroft is the elder of the two and would have been 13 in september 2001
mycroft is completing her tenth year as librarian
mycroft is a twentysomething writer and was quite surprised to find how much he enjoyed the more adventurous and experimental aspects of physical
mycroft is the british government and "has his rails and runs on them"
mycroft is an absent
mycroft is a human being
mycroft is a long
mycroft is the little cow
mycroft is an east coast based information technology consulting firm focusing on directory architectures and their related services
mycroft is the farthest from his canonical persona and at the same time has the most
mycroft is a wacky
mycroft is largely misunderstood and vastly underrated
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