July 9th, 2004

Columbia launch

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Managed to finish the third episode of Neverwhere on Netflix DVD just as the second and final DVD arrived. Still cheesy visually, but the story is engaging from an eerie standpoint. I did very much prefer the book, though.

Too tired to get much else done, except for dealing some with brushette's training. We've been playing puppy pong with clickers and snacks with forestcats sitting atop the stairs and me at the bottom. We're desperate to diminish the nighttime energy level of the puppy so we can get some ungnawed sleep.

The stupid Department of Motor Vehicles is threatening to suspend my license for not having liability insurance, except that I do have it. The number that I have to call is constantly busy, of course, and it's long-distance in Sacremento. I may have to stand in line at the DMV on my day off to get this resolved. ACK!

Puppy damaged one of my new pairs of pants, grabbing the leg in her teeth as I was leaving for work yesterday. Ah, the joys of ownership.

Can't wait for Rolemaster this weekend...
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Londo Purple

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Yet another book:

In Death Ground by David Weber and Steve White. Space opera, pure and simple, and engrossing, but ultimately forgettable...
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