July 13th, 2004

Mouser tree


for starters; forestcats bought me A Book for my Husband for my birthday; I read it with her, and it was sweet and romantic.

Then, today, I finished The Perfect Soldier by James Dunnigan, who I've described before; the book discusses the increasing use of elite forces by the world's militaries, especially that of the US.
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Mouser tree



Worked. Then it was off to the Chino Fairgrounds for a rather pisspoor rodeo. Only one guy managed to stay on his bull without a fault; only three barrelracers were even close to an acceptable time; only one of the roping teams managed to catch the calf without a fault, etc., etc., etc.

The saving grace was forestcats running about, photographing cowboys to send to mrsmartian. She should be overjoyed...

Sunday was a game day, after I finished hospital rounds. axelicious, forestcats, Liz, Jim, Jaime were all involved. We managed to get a number of actions completed in the world, so that was fun. Most of the players couldn't make it, probably because I didn't announce it with enough advance warning, but the lesser number of players actually made a more comfortable environment. forestcats made Jambalaya with shrimp and sausage, and she made bread pudding with a rum sauce from one of Emeril's cookbooks for dessert. Good stuff.
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kitten and Mickey Mouse phone


The night before, forestcats brought me my gift (it was nearly midnight, give her credit for waiting so long). I opened it, and it was a very sweet and romantic book, short and filled with interesting artwork. We hugged, and I read it with her.

In the morning, I got the typical phone calls from my sister Laurel, the artist, in which she sang Happy Birthday, followed later by a call from my Father, who always sings the more curious Hippo Birdies Two Ewes. We are an odd bunch. Much later, my sister Andi, the lawyer returned my call and also gave me said greetings. Mom got her two cents in when Dad called.

Finally, late in the morning, forestcats and I loaded up in her truck and headed down to Laguna Beach. We've been there before, for the Pagaent of the Masters, but there's aspects of the town we've never seen, and I thought a quiet day wandering would fit me to a 'T'. So, once we worked our way down the canyon, we stopped at the Marine Mammal rescue center, next to their Humane Society. The seals and sea lions were cute, and there was a "Terrible Dactyl" standing on the fence (a heron who snags the leftover fish). The staff there named the bird "Gracie", which is amusing, as we have a niece with the same name...

After that, we parked in what was for us a new section of the town. We wandered through several art galleries, ate at a competent but not excellent Mexican restaurant overlooking the ocean, and then were disappointed because the art museum is mostly closed. Apparently, they are changing most of the galleries all at once. Too bad.

Back through a few more galleries, and then we climbed down the cliff staircase to the tidepools to gaze out to sea. Beautiful.

Back to the truck, and off to The Block in Orange. We stopped at Borders, where I used up the gift card given me by Liz and axelicious and then some, and forestcats picked out a magazine, and napped off the effects of her pina colada. Wandered a bit, and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in a much better quality theater. Still like it.

Then we ate at Koji's. Don't. Old shrimp, poor quality seaweed, lousy service. Ick.

Home, read a little, fell asleep. Great day.

Happy postbirthday, O, me!
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